Happy Holidays! Or Vacation Time! Or time to wear silly sweaters and see movies with lots of CGI! Well however you spend your years end I hope you enjoy yourselves. And hey! If you fancy it, feel free to join me for some dancey fun times too! Excited to be playing this Friday for the first time in Golden BC, then Boxing Day in Calgary AB, and finally, drum roll please, NYE at Rhythm and Alps Festival in New Zealand! If you miss these ones, worry not, its only a quick run of shows to end the year, and then there are..... "plans" mwahaha.... More on that in due time. Hope to see you soon regardless and thanks so much for the awesome year. Cheers!

I love stats!... so here you go: Since May long weekend the total amount of kilometers driven by LWSD to come rave with you is.... (drum roll please).... 32,021 km! Which is approximately 80% of the distance around the circumference of the planet.... Yes. I'm crazy like that, but damn did I ever have some of the best times of my life. Great Success! Thanks so much to everyone at Fozzy Fest for a fantastic ending to the whole thing, and to everyone at all the stops in-between. Now to hermit out for a while and get to finishing the next record! Sorry for the delay, but that much driving equals very little time in your studio zone to finish stuff... In the cliche words of unimaginative peoples year book signings "Hope you all had a great summer" Ha! More soon. Thanks all.

Off to my last festival of the season this weekend at Fozzy Fest! Looking forward to it! A really fantastic season of these amazing gatherings this year. Super fun times all around. Also, if you missed it, check out this fun interview I did with the fine people at Spliff Breaks at Basscoast earlier this year. Thanks for having me on the show guys. Hope your all well. Thanks for caring about my music in any way shape or form. Cheers.


Well, its been one hell of a summer. Thank you so much to everyone that attended, participated, organized and threw all the amazing festivities I have had the great pleasure of playing and enjoying myself at. Seriously some amazing times. There are a coupe left for LWSD this season and then its fall/winter studio/nerd time. Catch me at Beaverfest this weekend, Aurora Innovative Arts Festival the weekend after and then finally at FozzyFest. After that, there "may" be an odd appearance but not much else until New Years in New Zealand for Rhythm and Alps ! I know many of you have been asking, "Dave, where's the new music releases?" Well, that, I'm afraid, entails not driving half way around the world every weekend. Needs me my studio time! So catch me at one of these shows if you wanna rock out once more this year, and then I shall be keeping you posted on the upcoming musics. My sincere love and thanks to you all! Godspeed.

YES! My utmost thanks to Shambhala Music Festival yet again for providing such a perfect looking and sounding environment full of the best kinds of people. Such killer vibes this year and some of my favorite sets from friends and new favorites that I've ever encountered at the festival in general. Thanks so much for having me and for providing the perfect environment to do my various rave experiments and performances. I really felt connected this year and had such a blast playing. Also, extreme appreciation to everyone that stayed up late with me on Thursday to check out the show. Did you get one of the hand made 101 swords? (They were really fun to make btw) If so, I've been having a hilarious time finding out stories of who got which one etc. Do you have some connection with the many ridiculous inside jokes and movie references on yours? Post you sword name and number in this thread and share a story if you got one. Thanks for being in my army. Damn, so much to say. Big smiles still. My most sincere thanks for the amazing times. Cheers to all involved. Yes.

Wow. Bass Coast Project. No Words... Should have sent.... a poet.... For a festival that really succeeds at one-uping itself every year, I think you jumped about 10 notches ahead with this one. So much fun and good vibes all weekend. Some of the all time best looking and sounding stages I've ever witnessed (and that seems putting it lightly somehow) All the friends. All the chunes. Damn. That was so rad. Im pretty floored. 9 billion thank you's to everyone that played any part in that entire production. So much appreciation. Love LWSD

IT BEGINS! Crazy Western Canada festival time is upon us. Kicking it off this weekend with Motion Notion, then Bass Coast, followed by Shambhala, and then Meme (Two sets, LWSD and Sick Bay with Phil Western) Also, recently added dates at Beaver Fest, Aurora Fest and finishing it up with Fozzy Fest. After that its a big touring break for me, so come rage out while you can. After that its studio time to finally get some releases done. (Thanks for the patients, I am but one human) Looking forward to seeing all you creative and wonderful people again. Can't wait to share what I been slaving on in the lab. Travel and party safe! See you soon. DO IT!

A collection of clips from LWSD and Rim Visuals 2010/2011 shows, as well as some other fun memorable moments… Many thanks to all of the amazing people that have come out to see our little spectacle. We are, as always, committed to bringing you the most insane looking and sounding LIVE performance within our means. We also have lots of crazy plans for the future and would be honored to see you again. Sincere thanks for helping us do what we love. Cheers.

Music – Longwalkshortdock – “We’ll See (Alt Dub Version)”
Visuals and Content – Rim Visuals

This video complied and editing by Rim Visuals. Special thanks to the lovely Sarah Lennon for all her help as well.

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YES! Attention all you LWSD fans who also happen to be gamers (I’m gonna assume there is quite a bit of cross-over there :P) I am truly ecstatic to announce the release of the new SSX Tricky From EA Games Feb. 28th featuring a ton of wicked music from many amazing artists and a bunch of original tracks from LWSD! :D! DUDE! A dream come true really… I did a bunch of stuff for them, but not sure how/where it ended up getting used. I guess we’ll find out together! Stoked! Peep this trailer with Run DMC remix by Pretty Lights :D Zomg. I can’t wait…
SSX: It's Tricky Trailer

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New article out by Alan Ranta:

Not only is King a joy to watch, his beats are unerringly raunchy, gnarly, techy and quirky, and his recent collaboration with Rim Visuals has culminated in a fully immersive concert experience.

check out the full CBC Radio 3 LWSD article

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Happy New Year! This year, my focus is going to be producing and performing a broader scope of music. Many new BPM’s, stlyes, Instrumentation etc. I feel this is the right direction for me as an artist right now and I’m hoping you enjoy the new depth I’m aiming to bring to the shows/releases. Fear Not! There will still be classic type LWSD as well. As always, I am committed to bringing you the best show I have the ability to put on and greatly appreciate your interest and support. Thank you all so much. Much love.

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Longwalkshortdock has a new album available 06/17/2011! This sophomore release entitled “Bigger Fish Frying” will be available on CD at all of LWSD upcoming shows and will be released digitally later in the year thru East Van Digital. Sincerely hope you enjoy it. Thanks in advance.

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Yes its true! Longwalkshortdock has finally finished a follow up album to 2009’s “Casual Tea” entitled “Bigger Fish Frying“. Featuring stunning original artwork by Vancouver artist/tattoist Shwa Keirstead, this sophomore release explores many new grounds as well as more advance familiar territories in LWSD’s unique brand of electronic cranial onslaught.

Featuring 11 new songs, covering many styles of music, this new album shows, on one hand, familiar states of past LWSD as well as signs of things to come…. Available on CD (Approximately 1st week of June) through Longwalk himself on tour this summer, as well as soon through this website and then in the year on many major online download stores.

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Oye! I am having a remix contest thingy! At the request of many cool people, I have decided to have a remix contest for the tune “Keep It Round” from my debut album “Casual Tea”.

I will be including a bunch of remixes from my label mates at East Van Digital, as well as the top 3 remixes as chosen by myself, Joseph Martin and my shadowy board of judges to appear on a Keep It Round Remix EP to be released on East Van Digital. Release date TBA 2011. Other potential prizes are in the works too.

All remixes to qualify must be received by : July 1st, 2011 by midnight.

For full contest details and the downloadable stems to the song, please see the download section of this website!

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Hello! I has website! Sincere thanks for visiting. We are just starting out over here and there will be more fun stuff appearing all the time so feel free to check back at your leisure. This will start to become a main hub for all your LWSD info needs. New shows, releases, contests, bookings, downloads, pics, videos, merch…you name it!  Also if you’re feeling particularly brave, you can sign up for the longwalkshortdock newsletter (which will ONLY highlight important stuff and not spam a ton of crap to your inbox). Also, by popular demand, I have reposted some classic LWSD live sets from 2009 (Uprising and Soundwave), and soon there will be some more interesting live recordings released from various other Longwalk sightings. Anyway, have a poke around and let us know what you think. Hope you enjoy and sincere thanks for your interest and support.


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The First Album “Casual Tea” is now available on Beatport.com, and in 2 weeks many many other online music shops. Finally! Sincere apologies for the delay on that one. The next album is hot on its heals as well as other surprises coming. Sincere thanks to East Van Digital for getting the tunes out there :D Woohoo! Digital Era!

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