Wicked times in Saskatoon and Winnipeg! Great to see you guys again! And prior to that, Here's a fun review of one of the great shows myself and RimVisuals were lucky enough to be a part of for the Basscoast Mutiny Tour! Had such a blast with you guys in my home city of the Calgarys. Thanks to everyone that made it out, and to all our fantastic performers! Love you guys! Big ups and cheers Bass Coast Festival, The Librarian Sabota The Genesa Series Bass Panda Chane Neveling, Rhett Brownbridge and to JoJo Kiddo for the great article and interview :D


Bass Coast Brings the Flailfest to Calgary
Bass Coast Mutiny Tour | LongWalkShortDock & Rim Visuals, Sabota, Librarian | Calgary, April 24 2015 For the last few days all I have been feeling is the festival longing that comes just before...

Thank you so much to my home province! The Bass Coast Mutiny tour was an honour and a privilege to be a part of and I had so much damn fun. On behalf of myself and Rim Visuals I'd like to thank everyone that came out, all our host cities and venues, sound techs and production crew, contest winners and opening acts, and of course Librarian, Sabota and Basscoast Crew for having us along for this. Awesome Times. Coming back to Winnipeg this Friday and Saskatoon Saturday! Looking forward to seeing you guys. Cheers

The Squashing Machine tour continues today as myself and RimVisuals are honoured to join the Bass Coast Festival's Mutiny Tour! With The Librarian, Max Ulis and Sabota! Red Deer today, Calgary Tomorrow, Edmonton Saturday! Next weekend, delighted to return to Winnipeg and Saskatoon. Here's a small taste of the new live show/visuals set up shot by Rebel Cause Films on location at Sugar Nightclub in one of my favorite cities, Victoria BC. Big ups to Neon Steve and RiDylan for throwing down great sets as well. See you all soon! Cheers!

Longwalkshortdock and Rim Visuals LIVE in Victoria - Squashing...

New Album out RIGHT NOW! Go chomp chomp, squash squish, omnomnom it! Available at eastvandigital, beatport, junodownload, itunes etc. Really hope you like it, thanks for all the support and feedback. Love you guys. Cheers.

Tomorrows the day! My 3rd full length album, Squashing Machine, comes out digitally on east van digital and tons of your other favorite online stores! I really hope you'll enjoy it, and would love to know what you think. Plus! I'm already well on the way with the next one. The tour has kicked off too with a smashingly amazing time in Vancity. Thanks so much to everyone that came out and made that so special. It really meant a lot to me. Also, below you'll find a clip of myself and Rim Visuals new live show of insanity, and the EVD website where you can grab the record. Check it! Cheers!

Heya gang! Record is done and off to duplication! Getting things together here for the upcoming tour. I'll make one of those fancy graphic thingys for the cover photo in a bit here but for now heres the tour dates so far! Happy to announce that all dates listed below are with the mind bending Rim Visuals. Really looking forward to seeing you all and throwing around a lot of weird light and sounds Cheers.

March 27th - Vancouver
April 4th - Kamloops
April 9th - Nanaimo
April 10th - Victoria
April 13th - Whistler

(Bass Coast Mutiny Tour)
April 23rd - Red Deer
April 24th - Calgary
April 25th - Edmonton

May 1st - Winnipeg
May 2nd - Saskatoon
May 15th - Forest Moon Festival
May 22nd - Kelowna
May 23rd - Nelson
July 12th - Bass Coast Festtival

More dates to be announced in time!
If you have questions about venues etc I'll try and link events in here as it comes up. Thanks so much in advance. Lets do this!

Kabam! I am very pleased to announce that I am nearing completion of my 3rd full length studio album entitled "Squashing Machine" due out late March/April on East Van Digital! It features the beautiful original artwork of Tara Handelman with photography and digital processing/layout by Vasho Pekar.

To celebrate, there shall also be a tour announced soon! Featuring the return of the one of a kind madness that is RimVisuals with some new surprises were working on to explode more brains. More details on that soon, but were excited to see some faces and places we haven't seen in far too long.

Lastly, I have moved into an exciting new studio space and although there will still be plenty of shows, I am using this new opportunity to focus on finishing up a huge back catalog of music in order to not make you patient, wonderful people wait another 3 years for a release. There will be many other EP's, albums, give-a-ways, singles and side projects cranking out tunes so this album is only the beginning! Expect a lot more music from a wide variety of genres from LWSD within the next 36 months...

I am, as always, extremely grateful for your support and interest and really hope you'll like the new record. Can't wait to hear what you think! Tour kicks of in Vancity March 27th! More info soon. Much love and happy squashing.

enhance..... ENHANCE! More info, less teasing tomorrow. :)

BIG EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENTS COMING SOON THIS WEEK AND NEXT! I am super excited.... Here's a tease for now... watch this page. Can't wait to share with you. Cheers!

A collection of clips from LWSD and Rim Visuals 2010/2011 shows, as well as some other fun memorable moments… Many thanks to all of the amazing people that have come out to see our little spectacle. We are, as always, committed to bringing you the most insane looking and sounding LIVE performance within our means. We also have lots of crazy plans for the future and would be honored to see you again. Sincere thanks for helping us do what we love. Cheers.

Music – Longwalkshortdock – “We’ll See (Alt Dub Version)”
Visuals and Content – Rim Visuals

This video complied and editing by Rim Visuals. Special thanks to the lovely Sarah Lennon for all her help as well.

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YouTube Preview Image
YES! Attention all you LWSD fans who also happen to be gamers (I’m gonna assume there is quite a bit of cross-over there :P) I am truly ecstatic to announce the release of the new SSX Tricky From EA Games Feb. 28th featuring a ton of wicked music from many amazing artists and a bunch of original tracks from LWSD! :D! DUDE! A dream come true really… I did a bunch of stuff for them, but not sure how/where it ended up getting used. I guess we’ll find out together! Stoked! Peep this trailer with Run DMC remix by Pretty Lights :D Zomg. I can’t wait…
SSX: It's Tricky Trailer

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New article out by Alan Ranta:

Not only is King a joy to watch, his beats are unerringly raunchy, gnarly, techy and quirky, and his recent collaboration with Rim Visuals has culminated in a fully immersive concert experience.

check out the full CBC Radio 3 LWSD article

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Happy New Year! This year, my focus is going to be producing and performing a broader scope of music. Many new BPM’s, stlyes, Instrumentation etc. I feel this is the right direction for me as an artist right now and I’m hoping you enjoy the new depth I’m aiming to bring to the shows/releases. Fear Not! There will still be classic type LWSD as well. As always, I am committed to bringing you the best show I have the ability to put on and greatly appreciate your interest and support. Thank you all so much. Much love.

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Longwalkshortdock has a new album available 06/17/2011! This sophomore release entitled “Bigger Fish Frying” will be available on CD at all of LWSD upcoming shows and will be released digitally later in the year thru East Van Digital. Sincerely hope you enjoy it. Thanks in advance.

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Yes its true! Longwalkshortdock has finally finished a follow up album to 2009’s “Casual Tea” entitled “Bigger Fish Frying“. Featuring stunning original artwork by Vancouver artist/tattoist Shwa Keirstead, this sophomore release explores many new grounds as well as more advance familiar territories in LWSD’s unique brand of electronic cranial onslaught.

Featuring 11 new songs, covering many styles of music, this new album shows, on one hand, familiar states of past LWSD as well as signs of things to come…. Available on CD (Approximately 1st week of June) through Longwalk himself on tour this summer, as well as soon through this website and then in the year on many major online download stores.

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Oye! I am having a remix contest thingy! At the request of many cool people, I have decided to have a remix contest for the tune “Keep It Round” from my debut album “Casual Tea”.

I will be including a bunch of remixes from my label mates at East Van Digital, as well as the top 3 remixes as chosen by myself, Joseph Martin and my shadowy board of judges to appear on a Keep It Round Remix EP to be released on East Van Digital. Release date TBA 2011. Other potential prizes are in the works too.

All remixes to qualify must be received by : July 1st, 2011 by midnight.

For full contest details and the downloadable stems to the song, please see the download section of this website!

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Hello! I has website! Sincere thanks for visiting. We are just starting out over here and there will be more fun stuff appearing all the time so feel free to check back at your leisure. This will start to become a main hub for all your LWSD info needs. New shows, releases, contests, bookings, downloads, pics, videos, merch…you name it!  Also if you’re feeling particularly brave, you can sign up for the longwalkshortdock newsletter (which will ONLY highlight important stuff and not spam a ton of crap to your inbox). Also, by popular demand, I have reposted some classic LWSD live sets from 2009 (Uprising and Soundwave), and soon there will be some more interesting live recordings released from various other Longwalk sightings. Anyway, have a poke around and let us know what you think. Hope you enjoy and sincere thanks for your interest and support.


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The First Album “Casual Tea” is now available on Beatport.com, and in 2 weeks many many other online music shops. Finally! Sincere apologies for the delay on that one. The next album is hot on its heals as well as other surprises coming. Sincere thanks to East Van Digital for getting the tunes out there :D Woohoo! Digital Era!

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